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Now, any good general will tell you every battle requires a sound strategy.

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Sound familiar? A new study shows you are not alone.

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Together with my co-author, Jeffery Bowen of Johns Hopkins Free online sex cam, we examined whether hard-to-get behaviors can be predicted using gender and attachment style. While many people might be using these strategies playing and pursuingtheir reasons for doing so might be different control, self-protection, partner selection, etc.

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They learn that they need to keep pursuing loved ones to get the love and support they need. When we nudged or primed thoughts of attachment insecurity, we found primed avoidance led to a greater likelihood of playing hard-to-get among avoidant heterosexual men.

Back Psychology Today. Our studies shed light on who plays hard-to-get, who pursues the players, and why.

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This reflects in their tendency to pursue hard-to-get others, even before they are their relationship partners. But there is a path through this conundrum. Posted July 1, Reviewed by Gary Drevitch.

Who doesn’t love a challenge?

Read Next. Online: Faculty. Back Magazine. But what are the outcomes? There are relationships in which one side wants it more and the other side wants it less.

New research helps explain romantic game-playing.

Insecure people are playing hard-to-get or chasing hard-to-get others i. Back Find a Therapist. Omri Gillath Ph. All We Need Is Love. Avoidant people do not want to get too close to others, and playing hard to get women wants nsa segundo help them with that.

Playing hard-to-get is one aspect of the psychological power dynamic that defines many human relationships, romantic or not. A quote by Prakhar Sahay has a hosting local nude 3 w basic idea: "Sometimes you gotta care less to see if they will care more," suggesting that playing hard-to-get is a way for people to identify high-quality partners.

As expected, we found that gender and attachment style predict and shape hard-to-get behavior, particularly among insecurely attached individuals. Back Get Help. Insecure people high on avoidance, anxiety, or both use hard-to-get strategies to manage their psychological vulnerabilities.

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People higher on attachment anxiety and men vs. Before engaging in such behaviors, you need to ask yourself if you really want to get involved in game-playing when it comes to your relationship, and if these are the kinds of relationships you'd like to have eventually. For example, growing up with cold rejecting parents is likely to result lady seeking sex ashville attachment avoidance.

Essential Re. Back Today. Over four studies with more than participants, we provided evidence to support these propositions.

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These tendencies are compatible, and potentially representative of an aspect of the sexual conflict between males and females. Family Life Child Development Parenting. Hard-to-get behaviors were australia couple seeking woman to help insecure people achieve their mating goals.

Any relationship in which we have two sides involved is going to have some push and pull. Attachment style, usually formed in childhoodfalls into the primary of secure or insecure people with an insecure attachment style are usually classified as anxious or avoidant.

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This is not to say hard-to-get is good or bad, but for some people these strategies seem to be working, helping them to create relationships and get the partners they want. About the Author. We expected that people high on attachment avoidance, who tend to avoid closeness and intimacywill be more likely to play hard-to-get, while people high on attachment anxiety, who tend to be concerned about being rejected or abandoned, will be more likely to pursue.

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Research has uncovered situations when being aloof fuels desire.

Omri Gillath, Ph. He studies close relationships and their underlying mechanisms. People high on anxiety may have grown up with inconsistent parents. For other people, playing hard-to-get is less a romantic strategy and more of a survival instinct. May The High Cost of Calm The pursuit of calm can itself become a major stressor, especially divorced couples searching flirt girls wonting sex you've already tried the standard prescriptions.

Based on evolutionary theories, we also expected gender differences. Idealizing Others in Romantic Love.

About the author

Men, in a complementing way, are more likely to pursue women. Our new research looks at the psychological underpinnings of making yourself seem more desirable by withholding obvious s of old woman dating in fitchburg ma interest. Do I Need Help? Primed anxiety led to a greater reported likelihood of pursuing hard-to-get targets overall.

The pursuit of calm can itself become a major stressor, especially if you've already tried the standard prescriptions.