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Finding Hygge – Exploring Copenhagen, Denmark



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I was recently invited on a press trip (sponsored by Visit Denmark, Visit Copenhagen, Scandinavian Airlines) to explore Copenhagen, Denmark. The Danish capital has become quite the destination with its startlingly impressive cuisine, design, style, and overall quality of life. I was beyond eager to get to know the city and discover the meaning behind a concept I’d read about: “hygge.” Most commonly (mis)generalized as “cozy” – hygge is an inherently Danish term used to acknowledge a special feeling or moment. It’s about not just being present, but also recognizing and enjoying the present…creating moments to help enhance daily life i.e. burning a candle, or meeting a friend for coffee. I couldn’t wait to experience it straight from the source.

Getting to Copenhagen is quite easy thanks to direct flights between MIA & CPH through Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). We flew comfortably in SAS Plus, which gave us access to the Lounges, delicious food and refreshments, and tons of in-flight movies/entertainment. One 9-hour flight later and we made it to our destination.

Hotel Sanders

hotel sanders Copenhagen denmark

I stayed at the brand new luxury boutique Hotel Sanders right in the center of the city and within walking distance of pretty much everything. With its beautifully curated interiors and hospitable (not to mention good-looking) staff, the hotel is the epitome of casual luxury and simple elegance minus the pretentiousness, which almost instantly makes you feel at home. The inviting restaurant is aptly referred to as “Kitchen.” The lobby is not a lobby; rather it’s the “Living Room.” Classic cocktails flow from the intimate and seductive hotel bar, TATA.

The Sights…and Flavors

copenhagen Denmark travelcopenhagen Denmark travel street style

Throughout our entire stay we indulged in the most delicious (and beautiful!) food. I was blown away at how fresh everything is. New Nordic Cuisine has revolutionized Danish gastronomy and created a focus on local ingredients. From tasting new spins on classic dishes to traditional foods like pickled herring, and trying natural wine for the first time – I marveled in it all. Here’s the list of restaurants, cafes and bars we visited. Plenty of hygge across the board. You’re welcome:

Aside from eating my way through the city, I was able to explore the sights, sounds and of course the shopping (I’m looking at you Storm Copenhagen)! We did a fun boat tour throughout the canals, under the bridges and out into the harbor. We were shown around the diverse neighborhood of Nørrebro, which has evolved from being a primarily working class area to one of Copenhagen’s hottest neighborhoods with tons of local shops. It was there that we also got to see Superkilen – a colorful sprawling urban space that fuses architecture, landscape and art (hello Instagram photo-opp). Later we strolled through Assistens Cemetery, the final resting place of famous Danes like author Hans Christian Andersen.

copenhagen Denmark travel danish Christmas lunch almanak copenhagen Denmark travel danish Christmas lunch almanak

copenhagen Denmark travel restaurant 108copenhagen Denmark travel restaurant 108

copenhagen Denmark travel

copenhagen Denmark travel sonny cafe hygge

travel copenhagen Denmark magstræde oldest street

Nyhavn copenhagen Denmark travel

sea by kiin kiin copenhagen Denmark cuisine travelsea by kiin kiin copenhagen Denmark cuisine travel

copenhagen Denmark travel hygge

brus copenhagen Denmark travel foodiebrus copenhagen Denmark travel foodie brus copenhagen Denmark travel foodiecoffee collective Jægersborggade copenhagen Denmark

trio copenhagen Denmark travel foodie hygge fine diningtrio copenhagen Denmark travel foodie hygge fine dining

copenhagen Denmark travel

assistens cemetery copenhagen Denmark

acne copenhagen Denmark travel shoppingcopenhagen Denmark Jægersborggadecopenhagen nørrebro Denmark travel

Before this trip, I was already fascinated by the Viking Age of Scandinavia and Norse mythology. Danes are quite proud of their heritage, and it shows in their everyday, from the cuisine to the Norse art tattooed on their bodies. I was also very intrigued by the secret of hygge, and often wondered whether this was the key to Danes being consistently ranked among the happiest people in the world. My takeaway from this trip is that they are definitely doing something (or basically everything) right.

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  • Jolina

    Since I got that book on hygga I’ve wanted to go to Denmark to experience it firsthand! What a beautiful country – from the architecture to the food.

  • I am fascinated with Norse Mythology as well so I think that it is amazing that you were able to go to Copenhagen As a foodie naturally I am drawn to the cafes and restaurants that you visited but I also love the sound of Hotel Sanders and Scandinavian airlines as well x

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    What an amazing place Denmark and Copenhagen looks like, right from architecture to the tempting cafe’s and restaurants. It ignited the foodie in me.

  • Amalia Silva

    I live in Copenhagen and your photos just show how beautiful the city is! I’m glad you can inspire others to visit the city. Hotel Sanders looks like a fantastic place to stay and easy to go around the city. I will have to check some of the restaurants you mentioned but the food is always so delicious here it’s hard to keep up!!

  • Marlene

    I too am fascinated with Norse and the mythology behind it. I find myself reading every book that I can. I love your photos! Hotel Sanders is so beautiful, and looks so very cozy!

  • What a wonderful experience – it looks absolutely beautiful. I am of Scottish/Scandinavian descent and I find the whole subject fascinating. I love the looks of the restaurants and hotels you went to – very cool. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Alison Rost

    My husband has been to Copenhagen and, like you, has said how wonderful it is. If we’re able to go together, you can bet we’ll be eating pickled herring chased with natural wine (for him) and taking a boat tour throughout the canals (for her). x

  • TheMummyToolbox

    This is fantastic, my husband loves Copenhagen and my sister-in-law has just moved out there to join her new husband, some beautiful pictures!

  • shutupviv

    I love the idea of Hygge – i’d love to see it in practice. Copenhagen is on the agenda for 2018 so this has been really inspiring, thank you for sharing it!

  • Chinedu Agwu

    This is great! Copenhagen is so beautiful. I definitely want to visit, maybe the next bank holiday! :Lovely quality photos too!

  • Copenhagen looks like such a beautiful city and I can not wait to go next year to visit friends.

  • tamalabaldwin

    Wow you have such a charmed life. What an incredible trip the food looks delicious and the hotel. Swoon.

  • Nadia/Scandi Mummy

    Aw, how lovely. You went to my place of birth and it looks like you had a great time. Copenhagen is a beautiful place 🙂

  • I have to confess, the Hygge concept is pretty new to me – I’d never heard about it until a few weeks ago when a colleague mentioned it and I was like “say whatttt?!”. She lent me a book about Hygge and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love all the pictures you’ve taken here, especially the food! The Barking Dog has definitely caught my eye too 😉 x